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private events

Organize a dream party in a romantic location! A private and relaxed event, with carefully prepared dishes and abundant nature!

We know that Saxons from Transylvania are calm and prudent people. We all heard about the elegant balls and themed parties they used to have. As for us, the Cincșor.Transylvania.Guesthouses team, we have an enormous respect for tradition and the spirit of the place, while being creative at the same time. Therefore, we put all our creativity, dedication and energy into organizing a unique, relaxed and unforgettable event! We want to be close to you throughout the whole process, from start to finish, being in charge of all the organizational details so you and your guests can enjoy your big day, with no worries.

All special moments need to be celebrated in a special location – whether it’s a private events (birthday, wedding, baptism) or a small corporate events. Or maybe you’re just in the mood for a party, brunch or a gourmet dinner.


Events up to 30 people

For events up to 30 people the former Saxon School porch is the ideal place. A spacious and bright room, with access to the „school yard”, the porch is available all year round, no matter the season. It is really close to our relaxation areas in the lounge and library and it is the perfect place for private parties, in a historical and unique location.

Events for 30 to 50 people

If you want to host an event for 30 to 50 people we offer you the former Parish House barn, a semi open and very spacious area, in our generous yard. Available during summer months, our barn is ideal for hosting garden parties. Due to its rustic and minimal architecture, the barn can be transformed in an elegant and intimate space or even in a chic and eclectic one. Let your imagination run wild and be creative!

Events for 50 to 120 people

For bigger events we organize gatherings and themed brunches. We offer you both the barn and the former Parish House yard.


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